HUBER Active Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAK

Quaternary Treatment for the Removal of Micropollutants

The HUBER Active Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAK removes micropollutants from the wastewater flow. The system uses granulated active carbon and is installed downstream of the secondary clarifier. An important advantage of the HUBER Active Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAC is that it has no influence on existing process-engineering systems on the sewage treatment plant and can be optimised further by adding a sandfilter or an upstream ozonisation plant.

The HUBER Active Carbon Filter CONTIFLOW® GAK is a deep-bed type upflow filter. The system is highly efficient as no shutdowns for backwash cycles are necessary for the active carbon washing process.

As the influent flows from the bottom upward through the active carbon bed, the solid particles contained within the influent are retained in the filter layer and micropollutants are adsorbed on the large inner surface of the active carbon. The decisive factor for the second process is the residence time of the inflow in the active carbon bed.

The clear filtrate exits over a weir at the top of the filter. The active carbon bed, along with the accumulated solids, is drawn downward to the trough bottom into the airlift pipe, which is located in the centre of the filter. The airlift transports the mix upwards to the active carbon washer. Inside the washer, the solids are separated from the active carbon with a small portion of the filtrate flow. The active carbon is free of solids but still contaminated with micropollutants when it falls through to the filter bed so that an internal active carbon cycle is created.  As the filter operation continues more and more micropollutants are adsorbed on the inner surface of the carbon.



• 系统结构简单,容易保养
• 可连续性或间隙性运转装置
• 在连续过滤的同时进行洗砂
• 只有一个磨损部件
• 反冲洗时装置运转不会中断
• 恒定的过滤液质量
• 简单的洗涤水处理
• 水头损失小